Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets
Wakalex Industry & Trade is the biggest grain importer and exporter in Egypt, trading in Sugar beet pulb, rice, beans, alubia beans, lentiles, grains, sesame, herbs and more.
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Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets

For over the past 10 years, Wakalex has been the largest exporter of Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets. We have been market leaders for various destinations around the globe, with exports of more than 190,000 MT per season.


Sugar beet pulp can be exported with variable specifications and pellet sizes as per customers requests. Egyptian SBPP season starts in February and ends in July, but Wakalex can export all year long due to our large storage facilities and warehousing tactics. Having a highly trained logistic team allows us to load 40-50 FCLs on daily basis.


Wakalex has been a pioneer to enter the Far East market as we are able to meet their specifications and fulfill their requirements, consequently allowing us to occupy 90% of the Far East market share. We are always looking forward to increase our network distribution around the globe.



8mm – 9mm

9mm – 11mm


Moisture: 12% max

Protein: 9% approx.

Sucrose: 7% max

Free of molasses


Bulk in 40′ containers

Bulk in conventional vessels

Packed in 50 KGS bags in 40’ containers

Packed in 500 KGS bags in 40’ containers

Packed in 1 ton jumbo bags in 40’Ft containers