Alubia Beans
Wakalex Industry & Trade is the biggest grain importer and exporter in Egypt, trading in Sugar beet pulb, rice, beans, alubia beans, lentiles, grains, sesame, herbs and more.
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Alubia Beans

Wakalex has been exporting premium White Alubia beans (White Kidney Beans) for more than 25 years. All of our production passes through pre-cleaning, grading, de-stoner, gravity and sortex machines. For extra fancy quality we do handpicking and brush machine for ultimate customer satisfaction.


Egyptian Alubia Beans crop, is divided into two seasons, summer crop and winter crop. Summer crop starts in late May and ends in November and winter crop harvests in December and ends in mid- April. The more it is warmer the more risk it is to deal in winter crop due to the high moisture it has.


On the right hand side is our standard production specifications.



  • Brokens (maximum): 1%
  • Moisture (maximum): 14%
  • Purity (minimum): 99%
  • Stained Grains (maximum): 1%


  • 160/100 grams
  • 170/100 grams
  • 180/100 grams
  • 190/100 grams
  • 200/100 grams
  • 210/100 grams
  • 220/100 grams
  • 230/100 grams
  • 250/100 grams
  • 280/100 grams
  • 300/100 grams
  • 350/100 grams
  • 400/100 grams