Sesame Seeds
Wakalex Industry & Trade is the biggest grain importer and exporter in Egypt, trading in Sugar beet pulb, rice, beans, alubia beans, lentiles, grains, sesame, herbs and more.
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Sesame Seeds

Egyptian golden sesame seeds have always been exclusive than many different origins around the globe. The taste of the Egyptian sesame is better and stronger than other sesame origins therefore it is specifically ordered to be used in many different countries.


All of Wakalex golden sesame seeds are passed through cleaning lines and Sortex. Wakalex exports to most Arab, European and Far East countries.


  • Moisture (maximum): 7%
  • Purity (minimum): 99.5%
  • Admixture (maximum): 0.5%
  • FFA (maximum): 1.5%


Our standard export packs are 10, 25, 50 KGS bags, or as per the buyer request.